Adsense es una alternativa para ganar dinero, pero hay que saber hacerlo y no morir en el intento.

martes, mayo 23, 2006

one more with adsense

One more with adsense

At this time I am one but that looks for results with google adsense, the truth is a neophyte in the matter, but of my conversations with my students have taken out enough lessons, as that better it is to begin that never to leave. I should admit that in a beginning I thought that it was more difficult, but now I think that it is not so so difficult, undoubtedly to achieve the values that some point out in the web, read you other blogs, is already bigger words.
I told to my students, when google sends me my first check for sure I will say it, not for the sum that won't be much, that is safe, but rather I will be able to say that google completes, but it still stops that lack.
what things I have made for the time being until the moment, good, I have my web dedicated to MATHEMATICS
in her I speak of course of topics as geometry, algebra, arithmetic, I give guides, notes, gratuitously, of course.
That that then made, after reading those wonderful histories that you/they speak of people that make money to hands full with google, good because I registered in ADSENSE.
and finally... I have put the codes as it dictates me the common sense, until here all well.
To what I aspire, at the moment I go piano piano, I observe what passes with my bill, treatment of reaching my conclusions, neither I seek to invent the wheel, for that reason I listen my students, in fín, they happen but time that me in the web, and of course I read what others say in internet.
As they come this it is what I have made, I am not an expert in the topic, of mathematics I can speak a lifetime, of literature also if they want it, but in this road newly beginning.
I accept suggestions, thank you.


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